Disparity Effect

Dive into the heart of Singapore’s real estate market with Disparity Effect by PropertyLimBrothers, where we transform complex property data into clear, actionable insights.

Explore our unique blend of charts that analyses and are designed to demystify key market indicators like property values, rental yields, occupancy rates, and trends.

It’s your comprehensive guide to understanding the dynamics of real estate, make informed decisions whether you’re investing or simply exploring.

Transaction Trends

2023 Oct CCR Non Landed Private Resale Absorption Ratio
2023 Oct RCR Non Landed Private Resale Absorption Ratio
2023 Oct OCR Non Landed Private Resale Absorption Ratio

Macro Trends

Global Real Estate Performance Through Recession
Singapore Economy Statistics 2023
Property Indices vs Global Stock Indices

Webinar Charts

Singapore Real Estate Market Trends and Predictions 2024
2024 Market Trends & Strategies for Landed Properties
How Have the Latest Cooling Measures Affected the Property Market? Should I Wait for 2024 to Invest in a Property?

Quarterly Report Charts

Quarterly Report 2023 Q3
Quarterly Report 2023 Q2
Quarterly Report 2023 Q1

Policies and Regulations

2023 Cooling Measures Table
Cooling Measures + PPI + S&P 500 Charts


MOAT Recommended Projects Report 2023